Saturday, 3 June 2023
Wind Energy

Redbank Energy Is Pleased To Announce That It Has

Redbank Energy is pleased to announce that it has been granted a wind turbine generator (WTG) contract by Ausgrid in New South Wales, Australia.

A WTG is a type of wind turbine that can generate large amounts of electricity. WTGs are becoming more popular because they are more efficient than other types of wind turbines.

Redbank Energy will be using its own WTGs to generate electricity for Ausgrid.

This contract is a big win for Redbank Energy because it means that the company will be able to sell electricity directly to Ausgrid. The WTGs that Redbank Energy will be using are some of the newest and most efficient wind turbines on the market. Redbank Energy is excited to be able to generate electricity for Ausgrid and to be able to help contribute to the growth of renewable energy in Australia.
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